Quick Cheats


We had a cupcake decorating activity at church last Saturday, cupcakes were store bought but the frosting were made with love and maybe we went a little bit crazy with the chocolate. Enjoy!

We made 3 kinds of frosting:
1. Peanut butter buttercream with chocolate chips
2. Chocolate ganache with crushed graham, chocnut and chocochips (yeah, basically just dumped everything on top of the cupcake haha)
3. Chocolate smores

Simple buttercream frosting:
1 big bar of butter softened
1 box powdered sugar/ confectioner’s sugar
1 pouch cream

Whip butter until smooth and add sugar by portions. The resulting mixture will be thick so lighten using the cream until you get the right consistency, which is a little bit stiff and would hold shape when piped. I usually use the whole pouch of cream. I think this is a common buttercream recipe, but the measurements are from my trials.

Chocolate ganache:
1 bar chocolate (I forgot how big this is but I got it from South Super Market, about 4″x 6″ block)
1 pouch of cream

Shave/ break chocolate bar into smaller pieces so it’s easier to melt. Bring cream to a low boil and add the chocolates. Stir continuously. You may take out from fire at this point to avoid burning the chocolate as the heat from the cream would be enough to melt it.

This can be used as a drizzle (while still warm and runny) or you can cool it so it thickens a little and spread over cupcakes. It can also be whipped with cream as instructed below.

We used the slightly cooled chocolate ganache to spread over the cupcakes then added crushed graham and chocochips on top plus half a chocnut for effect haha (one of the young women, not sure who, just thought this one up on the fly)

To give the buttercream a twist you can:

1. Add a jar of creamy peanut butter (for this recipe I used Peter Pan Honey Roast Creamy), and viola! you’ve got peanut butter frosting! haha I just though this one up but I’m sure I wasn’t the first one to do so. I highly recommend for peanut butter lovers… pipe over your cupcakes and sprinkle chocochips

2. Skip adding the cream in your butter and sugar mixture, instead add the chocolate ganache mixture (best to use unsweetened or dark chocolate) and continue to whip until smooth. If mixture is too thick, add cream.

We used this frosting for our smores cupcake, we simply piped it, topped with a marshmallow and them popped in the oven toaster for 4-5 mins until the marshmallows are slightly toasted then we added crushed graham and drizzled with chocolate.

As a rule, use powdered sugar to thicken the frosting and cream to lighten it.

I usually make these frosting for my daughter, Lien’s birthday in school, I prepare the simple buttercream frosting add food color then let the kids decorate their own cupcakes complete with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and candy sprinkles. A great activity and dessert rolled into one.

Enjoy and explore endless possibilities. Who can go wrong with sugar, chocolate, cream and peanut butter? hahaha


Throwback Thursday!


Back when we were all about make up and dressing up! I miss you ladies!